About Doug Bell, The Everyday Sales Mentor

For over 40 years, and across multiple disciplines, I've been fortunate to work with some great sales mentors.

My experience spans Engineering, Sales, Management, Retail, Training, Manufacturing and Business Consultancy.  Regardless of the job, I quickly realised that sales were integral to success in business.  It was the accumulated sales knowledge of trusted advisors that proved instrumental in fast tracking my career.  

I created The Everyday Sales Mentor so you can benefit from that experience, gain new insights and improve your selling skills.  It's all about making your business life more enjoyable, successful and profitable.

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About The Everyday Sales Mentor Program

We all have a bit of the salesperson in us!  People from all walks of life encounter selling situations in their jobs, every day, often without ever understanding the 'why' in sales. 

If you're one of those people, or perhaps just looking to brush up on your existing skills, The Everyday Sales Mentor training program is designed for you!

Each video covers one idea only and is based on a style of distributive learning so you easily retain the knowledge.  You can watch when, where and how you want, 24/7.  Set up a regular routine, typically at the start of the day and view one episode  - you only need 2 or 3 minutes!  If the opportunity arises, use that idea when going about your day.  Over time, you'll discover that understanding how to sell, can open up a whole new world of business to you.  

Your personal sales library is open for 365 days, so if you don't have that 'Ah ha' moment straight away, you can always review when you have time.  

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