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Doug has a unique way of getting his message across by simplifying quite complex psychological ideas and distilling them down to bricks in a wall or a slice of pizza. 

– Geoff W

I have found Doug to be an excellent person with whom to do business. His professional demeanour has been what I would expect from a businessman in his position.

– Tony R

Doug's ability to create, plan, share, network and produce incredible and successful selling outcomes makes it a pleasure to be part of his world and share his enthusiasm.

– Janiene A

Forward planning was a key factor of sales success – locking my sales budget away long term provided the luxury of those Friday afternoon surfing sessions that I never told Doug about. 

– Peter W

The fact that rarely do staff leave him, that he has under his direct command, probably sums up the way he manages his sales teams.

– Stephen E

From day 1 Doug has given 100%...... a quality which is becoming increasingly rare.  It is not often a person is able to earn the respect of his fellow workers in such a short period of time. 

– Andrew E